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Single Visit Treatment

We participate in a program with the Kentucky Board of Pharmacy that gives our pharmacy the opportunity to provide consultations along with providing necessary treatment without a Doctor visit.

With this quick & easy program, we can consult & dispense therapies:

  1. Without a Doctor office visit
  2. Without a written prescription
  3. Without an appointment for most services

The services we offer include:

  1. Tobacco Cessation Treatment
  2. Anaphylaxis Epi-Pen Dispensing & Training
  3. Nutrient Depletion and Deficiency Consultation and Therapy with Dietary Supplement
  4. Flu Test and Treat
  5. Flu Prevention Therapy
  6. Strep Test and Treat
  7. Urinary Tract Infection Test and Treat
  8. Opioid Use Disorder Utilizing Long-Acting Naltrexone Therapy
  9. Colorectal Cancer Screening
  10. Diabetes Testing and Injection Supplies
  11. Emergency Contraceptive
  12. Seasonal Allergy Therapy
  13. Travel Health Therapies

*Cost dependent on insurance. Many plans cover fully at no cost to the patient. Call 859-354-2100 for more info!

*Follow up may be necessary for refills